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Bharat Law Decisions – a division of SatBions - proudly presents its online case-law searching system.  This database contains full text of judgements of Honourable Supreme Court of India with various searching options. These searching options help the legal fraternity to find the exact case-law so as to rely on the accurate precedents.

Disclaimer - Though sincere efforts have been made to make this data base as authentic as possible, the customers/viewers should verify the correctness from certified copies of the judgments and gazette copies of the Acts, Rules and Bills for authentic version. The owners, editors and publishers will not be responsible or liable for any loss or damages to any person in any manner caused by any short coming, defect, mistake or inaccuracy of this work. This work is sold on the above said condition and understanding. Any discrepancies in this work may be brought to us, so that the same can be rectified in the next version. 

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